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Accessing Worldview Data


Worldview is a valuable resource in understanding information about the atmosphere. Learn how to access models in order to answer your own questions.


Satellite data is a tremendous resource for learning about the atmosphere and air quality of planet Earth. Worldview is a website that combines the data of many sources, allowing users to select which data to use. The website is a little challenging to use, but there are some tools to support beginners. Go through the tools and then try out the website for yourself. This lesson will prepare students for further investigations.

NASA's Worldview - Two Decades of Earth Data at Your Fingertips (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X16cfGPL2wA)

  1. Watch the video NASA's Worldview - Two Decades of Earth Data at Your Fingertips to learn what Worldview can do:
  2. Learn more about Getting Started with NASA Worldview with the video tutorial:

    Getting Started with NASA Worldview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW8JZJ-5g_0&t=2)

  3. A set of Worldview written instructions is also available.
  4. Sample some of the data available with these data sets, already prepared:
  5. Ready to explore on your own? Have students explore and select some data to view.
    • Go to NASA Worldview and select data to investigate.
    • What questions do you have?  


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Ability to use Worldview to obtain and use models of the atmosphere.

How are models accessed from Worldview?

After learning how to use Worldview, pose questions for students to investigate or have them pose their own questions.

  • Internet Required
  • One-to-One (tablet, laptop, or CPU)
  • One-to-a-Group
  • Teacher computer/projector only

Complementary Mini Lessons

Grade Band

  • 6-8


  • 50 minutes

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