Tutorials for using the Earth System Data Explorer


Do you need tools to help using the Earth System Data Explorer?

MND offers several ways to learn more about how to use this data visualization tool:

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Video Link Goals

Getting Started with Earth System Data Explorer

  • Locating data sets
  • Adjusting the geographic location of data
  • Adjusting time setting of data
  • Analyzing data with “Compare 2” & “Compare 4” features
  • Export information

Creating Animations with the MND Earth System Data Explorer

  • Rendering animations based on source Earth System Data Explorer information
  • Operating the media player with render animation

Using Latitude and Longitude Coordinates with the Earth System Data Explorer

  • Learning how to access and visualize NASA Data
  • Learning how to select a geographic area using Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

Longitude and Latitude Coordinates

  • Finding a location on a global map using longitude and latitude coordinates
  • Becoming aware of the commonly-communicated formats used for locations that are often different from the mathematical representation of the X and Y coordinates

Using Google Earth with the MND Earth System Data Explorer

  • Selecting Data Sets
  • Exporting information to Google Earth

Using Data Analysis Tools with Earth System Data Explorer

  • Common Plot Options
  • Show Values Option