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Grade Level: 6-8 , 9-12

Examine a histogram to help answer the driving question "Which data display is most useful for determining the risk of a tropical cyclone in a given area and preparing an effective emergency plan?"

Grade Level: 6-8 , 9-12

Students solve math problems to compare the carbon dioxide generated by the airline industry, a large volcanic eruption, and burning oil. 

Grade Level: 6-8 , 9-12

Learners will analyze and interpret a box plot and evaluate the spread of the data. Learners will compare it with a different visualization of the data to see how the two compare, discuss the limitations of the two types of data displays and formulate questions.

Grade Level: 3-5 , 6-8 , 9-12

Create a flipbook which will track aerosols and sulfur dioxide from the eruption of the Calbuco volcano in 2015. This activity was published in the Sky High: Keeping Track of Volcano Plumes issue of eoKids.