Virtual Backgrounds for Educators

Virtual Backgrounds

Teachers, are you sick of using the same old virtual background?  Check out these new virtual backgrounds available from My NASA Data! Whether you are looking for more privacy in your virtual classes, or wanting to show your personality to your students, you will not want to miss these fun backgrounds!  

Virtual Teaching

My NASA Data features several designs to choose from.

Design 1: My NASA Data Earth

Nothing says "I love Earth" like this beautiful background!

MND Background - Earth

Design 2: My NASA Data & the Earth System

This background features the Earth as a System of systems and is perfect for the Earth Science educator.

MND Background

Design 3: My NASA Data & Earth Day

Are you looking to celebrate Earth Day in your virtual classroom!  Look no further.

Earth Day


Design 4: Landsat Mosaic

This stunning background needs no description and is perfect for inspiring your students to explore the Earth from space.

Landsat Mosaic

Design 5: Teacher Appreciation - White

My NASA Data loves teachers today and everyday.  Show your teacher pride with this white background.

teach - white

Design 6: Teacher Appreciation - Black

This is the same as the previous design, just in black.

Teach Black