Meet Our Advisors

Meet the Stakeholder Advisory Group

  • Kevin Czajkowski: GLOBE Mission Earth PI, University of Toledo, Department of Geography and Planning, Toledo, Ohio
  • Dr. Peter Garik: GLOBE Mission Earth Co-I, Boston University, Clinical Associate Professor, Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Dr. Mike Jabot: US Partner - GLOBE Program, NASA for Research in Science Teaching/Center for Earth Observations, State University of New York at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY
  • Tracy Ostrom: Project Coordinator, College and Career Academy Support, Network University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Education, Placerville CA 
  • Dr. David Padgett: GLOBE Mission Earth Partner, Associate Professor of Geography, Tennessee State University, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Justice, Nashville, TN

Check out our MND Teachers presenting My NASA Data to their peers and students!  If you are interested in becoming a MND teacher leader, like these, please visit us at the Contact Us page!

Dr. Missy Holzer presents My NASA Data at the  2019 NJ Science Convention.
Dr. Missy Holzer presents My NASA Data at the 2019 NJ Science Convention.