Opening Datasets from MND Data Visualization Tool in Excel


Step 1:  Download the dataset from the MND Earth System Data Explorer

After choosing and opening the dataset of interest on the MY NASA DATA Data Access page, click File: Save As in your web browser menu. A browse window should appear. Rename the file or keep the default name, but keep in its plain text format. Click Save to download the file.

Step 2:  Open a blank Excel spreadsheet

After launching Excel, a blank spreadsheet should appear. Otherwise, click the New icon button or select File: New to generate a blank spreadsheet.

Step 3:  Import the dataset data into the Excel spreadsheet

Under the Data menu, select Get External Data: Import Text File. A Browse window should open. Select the text file corresponding to the downloaded MY NASA DATA dataset that you would like to view. Click Import.

Step 4:  Follow the Text Import Wizard

The MND dataset is tab delimited. The wizard should detect this structure. Simply click Finish, and put the data in the existing worksheet.

Step 5:  Analyze your dataset using Excel tools

Excel can be a very robust analysis tool. Graphics and data filters are at your fingertips! Please refer to your Excel guide for more information.