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Many of our archived lessons date back to as early as 2004 when our learning community first formed and unfortunately contain links to content that is no longer updated or exist.  Please note that some of these have been updated, and we continue to update them.  Please check out our search feature for these and other lesson plans. 

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Archived Lesson Plans Revised Lesson Plans

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1492- Using Data to Explain a Journey  
A Comparison of Land and Water Temperature  
Analysis of Atmospheric Conditions for a High Mountain Retreat  
Analyzing Tree Rings to Determine Climate Change  
Aruba Cloud Cover Measured by Satellite  
Atmospheric Pressure vs Elevation  
Basic Line Plot  
Carbon Monoxide and Population Density  
Circle the Earth – Explore Surface Types on a Journey around Earth  
Cold Clouds and Snowflakes  
Cloudy vs. Clear
Comparing Temperature and Solar Radiation for Common Latitudes Comparing Temperature & Solar Radiation for Common Latitudes
Comparison of Snow Cover on Different Continents  
Correlation of Variables by Graphing  
Creating and Analyzing Graphs of Tropospheric Ozone  
Creating Climographs See GLOBE's "Making a Climograph: A GLOBE Data Exploration"
Does Humidity Affect Cloud Formation  
Does cloud type affect rainfall  
Earths Energy Budget-Seasonal Cycles Earth's Energy Budget Seasonal Cycles
El Nino Lesson See "Ocean Impacts of an El Nino Event"
Evidence of Change Near the Arctic Circle Sea Ice and the Earth System Story Map
Hurricanes As Heat Engines
Investigating Seasonal Variability in NO2 Concentrations  
Investigating Factors that influence Climate  
Is Grandpa Right Were Winters Colder When He Was A Boy  
Linkages between Surface Temperature and Tropospheric Ozone  
March of the Polar Bears- Global Change Sea Ice and Wildlife Migration Sea Ice and the Earth System Story Map
Measuring the Temperature of the Sky and Clouds  
Ocean Impacts of an El Nino Event Ocean Impacts of an El Nino Event
Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature  
Radiation Color Plot Observing Solar Energy
Radiation and Energy Transfer  
Seasons Observing Earth’s Seasonal Changes
Seasons and Cloud Cover, Are They Related  
Seasonal Cloud Cover Variations  
Seasonal Patterns of Aerosols  
Scientist Tracking Network  
Snow cover by Latitude  
Solar Cell Energy Availability From Around the Country  
Storm Clouds– Fly over a Late Winter Storm onboard a NASA Earth Observing Satellite  
Studying Snow and Ice Changes  
The Reason for the Seasons Seasonal Science-Building Claims from Evidence
Trouble in the Troposphere – A Lesson on Tropospheric Ozone  
Tropical Atlantic Aerosols Tropical Atlantic Aerosols 
Using Radiosonde Data From a Weather Balloon Launch  
Using Vegetation, Precipitation, and Surface Temperature to Study Climate Zones Using Precipitation and Vegetation to Study Climate Zones
Using MY NASA DATA to Determine Volcanic Activity Using My NASA Data to Find Evidence of Volcanic Activity
Validation of Stratospheric Ozone  
Variables Affecting Earth's Albedo