Science & Engineering Practices

Within the science education community, there is a shift in focus from content driven instruction to that of the processes and practices associated with the acquisition of scientific knowledge. My NASA Data serves as a resource to bring to the classroom and the general public the ability to acquire scientific knowledge by engaging in the process and practice of real-world science experiences using NASA data.

Students and citizen scientists, alike, have the opportunity to form their own questions, construct their own models, conduct their own investigations, analyze the data they have selected, engage in mathematical computations, construct explanations of their own, form an argument in support of their findings and communicate the results of their investigation.

By clicking on each of the science process boxes within the graphic, you will have access to specific My NASA Data Lesson plans for each of the science process areas.

asking defining problemsDeveloping and Using Models planning and carrying out investigation Analyzing and Interpreting DataPractices for K-12 science ClassroomsUsing mathematical and Computational thinking Constructing Explanations and Designing Designing Solutions Engaging Argument from EvidenceScience Practices: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information