Engaging in Argument from Evidence with MND

Engaging in Argument from Evidence

Argumentation is an important practice whereas the scientist develops explanations using evidence and reasoning to explain observed phenomena. Scientists and engineers engage in argumentation and healthy skepticism when they evaluate competing explanations for phenomena, question procedures of investigations, review the characteristics of models, etc.

The study of science and engineering should produce a sense of the process of argument necessary for advancing and defending a new idea or an explanation of a phenomenon and the norms for conducting such arguments. In that spirit, students should argue for the explanations they construct, defend their interpretations of the associated data, and advocate for the designs they propose. (NRC, 2012, p 73)

Average Solar Insolation, Sept. 2016

jan 2016 insolation
Jan 2016
may 2016 insolation
May 2016
sep 2016 insolation
Sept 2016

Example Questions:

  1. Examine the three images of incoming solar energy for the months of January, May, and Sept 2016.
  2. Develop an explanation of how seasons occur differently in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  3. Construct a written argument based on the evidence to support your reasoning.