The Need for Data Literacy

MND recognizes the importance of data literacy, especially in the Earth Sciences because data are the foundation of science.  But what does data literacy look like?

data literacy

21st Century students must develop the skills to solve the complex problems facing their generations.  Our classrooms must provide opportunities for students to grow their analytical and critical thinking skills with statistical methods so that they can understand the problems that need solving.

How My NASA Data can Help YOU!Help

At MND, we provide resources to help learners analyze and interpret real-world Earth science data, one of the eight science and engineering practices. Coupled with the skill of constructing explanations based on evidence, MND is a platform to help students access the evidence they need to make evidence-based decisions about changes in the Earth System.

IBM claims that over 90% of ALL data in the world was created since 2012 and quintillion bytes of data are created every day. No matter if the data collected from a personal fitness device, sensors in homes or offices, or payloads orbiting the Earth continuously collecting data, big data is here to stay. NASA guarantees that no matter what careers your students take, data analysis and interpretation will be an important skill to have. Let MND help you!