Planning and Carrying Out Investigations with MND

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Scientists and engineers develop the procedures for their research and then carry out their investigations in a variety of environments (i.e., in the lab, outdoors, with others, as well as independently).  They must plan in advance their criteria for the data they wish to collect, the conditions in which they will collect these data, and in what manner the data will be collected.

Students should have opportunities to plan and carry out several different kinds of investigations during their K-12 years. At all levels, they should engage in investigations that range from those structured by the teacher – in order to expose an issue or question that they would be unlikely to explore on their own (e.g., measuring specific properties of materials) – to those that emerge from students’ own questions.(NRC Framework, 2012, p 61)

Elementary GLOBE Student Journal
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Example Questions

  1. What kinds of data will you collect?  How will you collect these data?
  2. What environment do you need to observe?  How do you plan to make the observations?
  3. How many years, months, or days of data do you need to produce reliable results?
  4. What are the limitations of the data collected?