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My NASA Data is supported, through partnership, with the following projects:

The My NASA Data website offers a variety of opportunities to explore Earth Science phenomena of the Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Geosphere, and Hydrosphere using uniquely NASA related content.  Come and explore the site to learn about the following content types in each of the sphere pages

MND recognizes the importance of data literacy, especially in the Earth Sciences because data are the foundation of science.  But what does data literacy look like?

How My NASA Data can Help YOU!Help

At MND, we provide resources to help learners analyze an

Soil Conservation Technicians collect and manage survey data for conservation, develop a plan to implement conservation actions, and supervise fieldwork.  Their work starts with developing physical resource plans and documents on the history of the land.

Why Should Students Research Earth System Science?

  1. Because We Live on Earth - No matter where you eat, sleep, play, pray, or work, we are all constantly connected to Earth's System's plants, animals, weather, oceans, etc.

A key practice of successful scientists and engineers is the ability to clearly communicate the ideas and methods they develop. Being able to review and critique the ideas of others are fundamental activities of professional STEM professionals.

Average Precipitation, Sept.

K-2: Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information in K-2 builds on prior experiences and uses observations and texts to communicate new information.