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Meet Dr. Eric Brown De Colstoun, Physical Scientist

Dr. Eric Brown De Colstoun

Job Title

Physical Scientist

NASA Professional Profile

See the Land Cover Matters presentation he presented in a GLOBE Biometry and Land Cover webinar for the GLOBE ENSO Campaign in 2016. In this presentation, he explained how and why biometric and ground cover data are collected using satellites. 

Dr. Eric Brown de Colstoun is a Physical Scientist in the Biospheric Sciences Laboratory, NASA/GSFC, where he has been working for over 15 years. His expertise in the field of remote sensing is broad, having used data collected at various spatial scales, with a variety of instrumentation (laboratory, field, airborne, satellite). Currently, he is the PI on a NASA project to map global urbanization from Landsat data for the first time.

He served as Coordinator of Earth Science Education and Public Engagement at Goddard Space Flight Center and was science advisor to the NASA Earth Science EPO Forum and as such has extensive experience with NASA Education programs, including the GLOBE Program (he is a certified GLOBE Land Cover Trainer), and with connecting his peers with educators, students and the broader NASA education community. His passion is to engage students/educators and the general public to actively participate in the NASA Earth Science experience through hands-on data collection/use and to follow STEM careers.


Ph.D. Geography (Remote Sensing and Applied Climatology Emphasis), University of Maryland, College Park, MD. 2001.

M.A. Geography (Remote Sensing, Biogeography and Quantitative Statistical Analysis Emphasis), University of Maryland, College Park, MD. 1993.

B.A. Mathematics, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO. 1986.


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