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Illustrate Your Inner "STEM Explorer"

Student Directions

Mini MeWhen NASA goes to camp, your Inner STEM Explorer will want to be there, too. 

Help learners envision themselves as explorers, scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians as they venture into the summer months.  Download the PDF of the two-sided document on cardstock and have students imagine and illustrate themselves! 

Challenge the learners to locate different parts of the Earth System and take "selfies" of their Mini-Me's with these as they explore the parks, even their Granny's back yard!  Encourage students to submit their "selfies" of their Inner STEM Explorers to to enter to have their illustrations featured here!

Earth as a System

Consider using this activity with the Awenasa Goes to Camp lessons.  See below for more details!

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Grade Band

  • 3-5

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