Mini Lesson/Activity

Tracking Monthly Salinity Changes in Our Ocean: Student Activity

Mini Lesson

Analyze a time-series graph to explore the salinity values of our ocean changes over time and depth.

  1. The following data visualizations were pulled from NASA's Aquarius Mission's Historical Changes in Monthly Mean Data tool to show salinity time series for the two pre-selected profiles in the polar regions.  Blue for the Arctic, Red for the Antarctic.
  2. Observe the salinity values for the polar regions and answer the following questions. 
    1. What changes do you observe and when do these changes occur?  
    2. Analyze to see if a relationship exists between these variables and explain your findings.
    3. What may explain this pattern? 

polar monthly changes
Salinity Changes in the polar regions.  Credit: NASA Aquarius


Teacher Note

Teachers, these mini lessons/student activities are perfect "warm up" tasks that can be used as a hook, bellringer, exit slip, etc.

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