What is a Mini Lesson?

My NASA Data supports students and teachers of grades 3-12 in analyzing and interpreting NASA mission data. Teachers love our lesson plans which are available for a variety of phenomena. So, what are mini lessons?

We have heard from teachers that they are also interested in shorter resources that can be used to complement their existing resources, or focus on particular skills or concepts. We have responded by developing "mini lessons" which are pre-generated, ready-to-go, activities incorporating NASA data and resources and are designed to support NGSS standards. They are organized by Earth system sphere and phenomenon.

These are designed to be completed in less than one class period. They are flexible enough to be implemented in different ways based on your instructional needs. They can be used for engagement or formative assessment as well as warm ups, hooks, bell ringers, or exit tickets. 

How to Find Mini Lessons

There are several ways to find mini lessons.