Earth System Data Explorer Poster Cards - Global Phytoplankton Distribution Poster Cards

Global Phytoplankton Distribution Poster Cards

Teachers, are you looking for resources to help you engage students in data analysis related to Global Phytoplankton Distribution?

Check out this monthly 2018 poster card set featuring two science variables related to Phytoplankton Distribution: 

  • Chlorophyll Concentration (milligrams per cubic meter) - This quantity describes the concentration of chlorophyll in oceans. Chlorophyll is a pigment that plants use to absorb sunlight, key to the process of photosynthesis. The higher the concentration, the greater amount of plant life in the oceans.chlorophyll
  • Monthly Flow of Energy into Surface by Shortwave Radiation (watts per square meter) - This quantity describes the total flow of energy from the Atmosphere to the surface by shortwave radiation, which is the visible light coming from the Sun. This is the flow of energy that warms the Earth's surface during the daytime. Clouds affect the rate of this energy flow, and the rate also varies with the seasons (higher rate in summer and lower rate in winter).shortwave radiation

    Access the 2018 Monthly Poster Cards (PDF) for this topic (includes Monthly Snow/Ice Percent Coverage and Monthly Albedo Measured at the Surface) by clicking here.

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