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TECHNOLOGY: Data Visualization

TECHNOLOGY: Data Visualization


Date visualizers require a bachelor's and master’s degree (or equal professional experience) in computer science, maths, cartography, GIS, design or comparable major and 5 years of professional experience in data visualization/design.  Visualization jobs are often a component of data analyst or data scientist roles. 

Work Description

At the core of scientific visualization is the representation of data graphically - through images, animations, and videos - to improve understanding and develop insight. Data visualizers develop data-driven images, maps, and visualizations from information collected by Earth-observing satellites, airborne missions, and ground measurements. Visualizations allow us to explore data, phenomena and behavior; they are particularly effective for showing large scales of time and space, and "invisible" processes (e.g. flows of energy and matter) as integral parts of the models.

Salary Range

$75,000 - $100,000

NASA Connections

Job Title NASA Examples:  

  • Data Visualizer

  • Data Modeling Analyst

  • Data Scientist


NASA Professional Profile

Joshua Stevens - Visualizing NASA's WorldCheck out the profile of Joshua Steven, NASA Data Visualizer