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The Hydrosphere is associated with water in the liquid state, which covers about 70% of the Earth's surface. Most liquid water is found in the oceans.

The Earth System interacts with the Hydrosphere in the following ways: 

Links between other Spheres and the Hydrosphere

Analyzing monthly environmental data from the North Atlantic Ocean will help you to learn more about how the water cycle affects sea surface salinity. Your challenge is to find the data set that most closely corresponds to sea surface salinity patterns.

A key practice of successful scientists and engineers is the ability to clearly communicate the ideas and methods they develop. Being able to review and critique the ideas of others are fundamental activities of professional STEM professionals.

Average Precipitation, Sept.

K-2: Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information in K-2 builds on prior experiences and uses observations and texts to communicate new information.

Many of our archived lessons date back to as early as 2004 when our learning community first formed and unfortunately contain links to content that is no longer updated or exist.

Are you searching for NASA data examples that students can use or you can incorporate in your instruction? 

This table lists examples of NASA datasets and imagery that could be used for student investigations related to content and practices in the Framework for K-12 S


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