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TECHNOLOGY: Soil Conservation Technician

TECHNOLOGY: Soil Conservation Technician

Work Description

Soil Conservation Technicians collect and manage survey data for conservation, develop a plan to implement conservation actions, and supervise fieldwork.  Their work starts with developing physical resource plans and documents on the history of the land. Technicians survey, layout, and section off the site.  They assist the landowner in selecting, installing, and maintaining a variety of measures that conserve and improve the soil, plant, water, marsh, wildlife and recreational resources of the land.


Why is this job Important?

Soil conservation technicians are important for the ongoing health of agricultural areas. Healthy soil is the foundation for the food that we and other animals consume. By preserving soil we ensure that food production continues be adequate for supplying the world the nutrition required.


Soil conservation technicians typically need a bachelor's degree or postsecondary training in fields such as agricultural or environmental sciences. For advanced careers in research or collegiate level, a Ph.D. is recommended.

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