List of all Geosphere GLOBE Connections

There are many activities and protocols in GLOBE that support learning about Earth's changes in land surface and use.  Please note: My NASA Data Geosphere phenomena relate closely to GLOBE Pedosphere (soil) and GLOBE Biosphere resources.

Public Lab partnership with NASA AREN, GLOBE, and with support from Goggle Summer of Code, brings new easy-to-use DIY satellite imaging tools for classroom use.  Check out this

Soil is the great integrator storing and affecting the chemistry of water, storing and releasing heat at Earth’s surface, retaining the effects of past climate and other forces of soil formation, while providing the medium for virtually all plant growth on land.

Soil Moisture GLOBE Learning Activities have been developed to provide students with a hands-on experience to guide their understanding of the properties of soil that affect the amount of moisture it will hold.  

In this storybook, the GLOBE kids are on the trail of Scoop, an eager dog who loves to dig holes in the soil (pedosphere). At each hole, Scoop has dug, the kids use their journals to record characteristics of the soil.