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SCIENCE: Sea Level Scientists

SCIENCE: Sea Level Scientists

Job TItle

SCIENCE: Paleoclimatologist


Sea level scientist requires a bachelor's degree in geology, chemistry, physics or biology. A terminal degree (Ph.D.) is also recommended for research or teaching.

Work Description

Sea Level Scientists are also known by several other names (marine geologist, paleoceanographer, paleoclimatologist, etc.). These professionals use natural records from the past to characterize local, regional, and global environments. They collect data from different parts of the Earth System to monitor the local, regional, and global changes in the sea level. They develop and use models to project future changes, as well as predict past sea levels. 

Why is this job Important?

Sea level scientists are important for understanding past & current conditions of climate and sea level to help us understand how current ecosystems came to be.  They also are important in projecting future issues by identifying potential hazards and conditions in future sea levels and climates.

Salary Range

$50,000 - $75,000

NASA Connections

NASA Professional Profile

Meet Dr. Steve Nerem, Sea Level ScientistLearn about Dr. Steve Nerem, leader of NASA’s Sea Level Change team.