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ENGINEERING: Environmental Planner

ENGINEERING:  Environmental Planner

Work Description

An environmental planner tries to minimize the environmental impacts of housing, industrial, and transportation-related construction projects. Environmental planners help project managers navigate the environmental permitting process where they review a site to investigate potential environmental effects. This includes the effects of natural disasters.

Why is this job Important?

Environmental planners are important when it comes to protecting the environment and increasing sustainability for future generations. 

These individuals are also critical for increasing communication among various professionals and their interests, as well as coordinating projects that maintain the health of the environment. As sea level change continues to impact coastal communities, environmental planners are key drivers helping community leaders make smarter choices for development and mitigation. 


Environmental planners need at least a bachelor's in environmental science, planning, geography, historic preservation, archeology, regional planning, civil or environmental engineering or related fields. Some take courses in environmental law, planning theory and methods, statistics, mathematics, geology, engineering, environmental impact analysis, economic analysis, and technical or engineering project management. Knowledge in geographic information systems (GIS) mapping software and writing skills are also important. For advanced careers in planning, a masters degree in planning, environmental planning, and management or other related areas is required for some positions.

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