The Next Generation Science Standards – NGSS

Welcome to the MY NASA DATA NGSS Resource Guide. The Next Generation Science Standards have been developed through a unified state-directed process. New standards for grades K-12 create a curriculum of content and practices for educators across all science disciplines and grades. NGSS strives to create a rich science experience for students based on international science education practices and standards. The Next Generation Science Standards have been developed by the National Research Council largely based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education report that was released by the NRC.

MY NASA DATA is striving to keep you up to date with NGSS and is working hard to provide you with the materials and information you need to work successfully in the framework.

Our mission is to provide you with up-to-date NGSS resources and tips for how to connect NASA data to your existing science activities. We’ll be using the new standards to curate new data and provide you with the very best tools to implement NGSS while expanding your student’s understanding of science.


Sea Surface TemperatureThe lesson, “Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature” was recently selected by an expert group of teacher curators to be shared as a NSTA vetted resource for K-12 teachers in support of NGSS based instruction; the selections are made using the Equip Rubric for Lessons and Units in Science and can be found via the Classroom Resources section on the NGSS@NSTA Hub and the lesson is highlighted here on the NSTA website.

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