Quick Lesson Plans

We’ve converted some of our most popular lessons into a “stand-alone” format for you to use in your classrooms. If you have any special requests, let us know and we’ll try to add your lesson to this list. We can also create some custom animations for you and generally try to get you through this down-time.

Thanks for your patience during our system updates.

Lesson Title (original version): Reviewed By: Format (stand-alone version):
Studying Snow and Ice Changes ESE .pdf
March of the Polar Bears: Global Change, Sea Ice, and Wildlife Migration ESE .pdf
Analyzing Tree Rings to Determine Climate Change ESE .pdf
Sea Surface Temperature Trends of the Gulf Stream ESE .pdf
The Reason for the Seasons ESE .pdf
Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature ESE .pdf
A Comparison of Land and Water Temperature ESE .pdf
Think GREEN – Utilizing Renewable Solar Energy ESE .pdf
Is Grandpa Right, Were Winters Colder When He was a Boy? ESE .pdf
Cold, Clouds & Snowflakes ESE .pdf
Investigating Factors that Influence Climate ESE .zip
Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean ESE .pdf