Women Celebrating Earth Science: Yolanda Roberts

Dr. Yolanda Roberts

For the past few years, we have been celebrating Female Geoscientists Day and Earth Science Week (http://women.nasa.gov/earthexplorers/) by bringing you a few stories on some of the women who contribute to learning about our wonderful home-Mother Earth.  Today, we would like to introduce to you a wonderful physical scientist, Yolanda Roberts.  We hope you learn a bit from Dr. Roberts and feel the same inspiration we did when we interviewed her! To learn more about the celebration, visit http://climate.nasa.gov/esw2013 or http://climate.nasa.gov/esw2013/espanol in Spanish.

How did you discover your passion for Earth Science?
My family moved to Virginia from New England when I was 10, and every summer, I was afraid of the thunderstorms that would roll through. Concerned that the thunderstorms would spawn tornadoes, I kept The Weather Channel on all day. Eventually I became interested in the weather happening all over the country, how meteorologists on TV talked about it, and the meaning of all the cool weather maps. My curiosity was piqued! I wanted to know more about how meteorologists did their job, which led to my exploring other areas of atmospheric science.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I get excited when I talk to colleagues about what I do because it helps me to hear about the relevance of my work. I am encouraged by positive (and constructive critical) feedback from interested scientists, especially mid- to late-career scientists who have a solid big picture of the important questions within my field.

+ Read the full interview with Yolanda Roberts: http://blogs.nasa.gov/womenatnasa/2013/10/28/women-celebrating-earth-science/

Original content from Women@NASA: http://blogs.nasa.gov/womenatnasa/2013/10/28/women-celebrating-earth-science/

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