Share an Adventure with a Scientist, through S’COOL.

What opportunities await your classroom?

During the month of April, 2016 Tiburon, California Elementary school students were able to explore Heard Island, an Australian territory latitudes away from home, through simple cloud observations.  Jim Colletto was in charge of logistics for an expedition team led by independent explorer and scientist Robert Schmieder, aimed at exploring and observing island organisms, documenting environmental change, collecting data samples and testing radio communications on Heard Island. While he was on travel, Jim collected multiple reports for NASA’s Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line (S’COOL) Project and connected with the students through emails and video presentations.  Mrs. Jawor’s first grade class got to experience science through the eyes of an expert as well as participate first hand by coordinating with the NASA S’COOL Project, learning about cloud properties and making cloud observations of their own.  Students were able to explore how clouds affect our weather and climate by comparing multiple ground data points ( Tiburon, California and Heard Island, Australian) as well as simultaneous satellite data.

A huge shout out to our new S’COOL friends Mrs. Jawor’s first grade class and Mr. Jim Colletto.  Thank you for contributing to a better understanding of how clouds affect our planet.  Ground observations provide an important perspective that our satellite do not capture. Combining and comparing ground observations with satellite retrieved data helps NASA scientists gain a bigger better picture of our atmosphere.


Check out the NASA’s Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line (S’COOL) Project today and explore how to integrate NASA, satellite data, and hands-on science inquiry in the classroom!

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