NASA STEM Spanish Immersion Educator Professional Development: National Climate Assessment in Spanish

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During Earth Science Week 2014, Research Scientist Alison Delgado and NASA Educator Professional Development Specialist Marilé Colón Robles reviewed the National Climate Assessment (or NCA) report through an in-depth view on how our climate is changing and what observations are telling us, all in Spanish! Participants discovered how to integrate the National Climate Assessment into their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classroom through NASA hands-on activities in Spanish. Engage your students with NASA unique projects including how to use clouds, climate and weather through NASA’s Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line or S’COOL project.

Session PowerPoints are now available!

NASA STEM inmersa en español_NCA

NCA3_overview_Delgado (spanish 20141015)

Referenced resources for your classrooms:

*Please Note: the entire session, lessons, and PowerPoints were presented in Spanish.

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