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Who is the site for?
Observe Your World is geared towards a wide range of communities:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Citizen Scientists
  • Outreach Organizations
  • Current E-Note readers
  • Foreign Audiences
  • New/Potential Users

We welcome all readers!
What is on the site?
The blog focuses on, but is not limited to, 5 main post themes:

  • Education and Outreach
  • Science Directorate Events
  • Meet the Team
  • NASA Resources
  • Science Directorate Highlights.

When should I visit the blog?
You can visit the blog whenever is convenient to you!
Also, through our RSS feed you can use a feed reader (like Google Reader) to see what’s new on our blog.
Coming soon, we will have the ability subscribe to receive emails announcing new posts or highlights.


Where do I get help?
For S’COOL or MY NASA DATA questions, check out the ‘Education and Outreach‘ post category. For blog related questions please see our ‘About Us‘ page in the top navigation bar where you can contact us.