We provide activities and lessons for grades 3-12, and do our best to select relevant data that might be otherwise difficult to access.

Jessica E. Taylor

Physical Scientist, NASA

Jessica Taylor is a Physical Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center. She serves as Lead trainer for the GLOBE Atmosphere Training Center of Excellence and is the Education and Public Outreach lead for the CALIPSO mission. Jessica serves as Langley’s representative on NASA’s Early Career Scientist & Engineer Working Group and NASA’s Women in STEM Working Group.

Tina Harte

Task Lead, SSAI

Tina Harte received her B.S. in Human Learning K8 (1994) and her M.S. in Secondary Science Education with an emphasis in Earth and Space Science (2005) from the University of Tennessee at Martin. Currently she is Team Lead for the Education/Outreach Team of NASA Langley Science Directorate as a contractor with SSAI(Science Systems Application, INC.).

Elizabeth Joyner

Education Specialist, SSAI

Elizabeth Joyner joined the Science Directorate Education Team in 2017 to work with the My NASA Data program as an education specialist. As a highly-qualified teacher, Elizabeth taught for over 10 years, as well as worked in informal settings such as Virginia Space Grant Consortium, SC Space Grant Consortium, SC Sea Grant Consortium, NOAA/NSF’s Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE-SE).

Penny Oots

Software Engineer, SSAI

Penny has over 30 years experience in system analysis and integration, database design, database administration and programming. Penny started working with the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Core System (ECS) at the Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC), NASA Langley Research Center in November 2000 and MY NASA DATA in May 2004.

Ashwinraj Ravindran

Software Engineer, SSAI

Ashwin has over 3 years experience in system analysis and integration, database administration, and application development. Ashwin started working with the My NASA Data team in 2017. Before My NASA Data Ashwin worked with the GLOBE team on the GLOBE Observer app, and GLOBE Data Entry System.