MY NASA DATA Lesson Plans

The collection of MY NASA DATA lesson plans is intended to provide the educator with a variety of specific examples, incorporating a more “teacher-directed” strategy, of how authentic satellite data can be integrated into the curriculum.

The majority of MY NASA DATA lessons were developed by classroom teachers to use real NASA data in their curriculum. Other lessons were developed by the MY NASA DATA team as examples of lessons using microsets from the Data Access page.

Teachers with MapFeatured on the Science Project Ideas section of our website are examples of a more “student-directed” strategy, with an inquiry-based research approach for using authentic data.

If you are a visitor to the MY NASA DATA site, these illustrations of how other teachers have used authentic satellite data as a resource may serve as an inspiration. We invite you to use them as is or to create your own lesson from the rich data resource that the LAS provides. If you create your own lesson, please consider sharing it with other educators through this ever-growing list.

Use the lesson menus to see the various lessons that are available by grade level, duration, topic. Please note that some lessons can be adapted to a lower or higher grade-band.