Mini Lesson

Seasonal Sea and Land Ice Melt

Mini Lesson

  • This quantity measures the percent coverage of snow and ice in each pixel, including snow, land ice, and sea ice.
  • UNITS: This quantity is a measure of area coverage. A 30 percent coverage value means that snow and ice cover 30 percent of the land area at that location over the entire area of the grid box.

The first image shows the ice over the water. 

Seasonal Sea Ice Percent Coverage

The second image shows the ice over land.

Seasonal Land Ice Percent Coverage

Read the information at the top of each graph.

  1. What do these graphs show?
  2. What variable is on the horizontal axis?
  3. What variable is on the vertical axis?
  4. What is the maximum value for the vertical axis?
  5. What pattern do you see for the sea ice?
  6. What pattern do you see for the land ice?
  7. What are the differences?



Teacher Note

CERES Monthly Snow/Ice Percent Coverage - Examine the two time series images to determine the differences between seasonal ice melt over water versus land.

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