Maps, Graphs, and Data

Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise

Students explore the effects of ice sheets on global sea level using NASA data. Using the resources provided, students collaborate and communicate their findings in a jig-saw activity format.

Mini Lesson

Step 1: Group students into groups of four. Each member within the group will become an expert on one of the resources below. Have them spend five minutes reading and analyzing the data with the expectation that they need to be able to explain it to their groups.

Step 2:Student Activity SheetAfter the 5 minutes is up, have all of the students fill out their square on the chart. Students with the same resource come together to discuss what they learned. Provide the following questions for all students

  • Summarize your resource in 30 seconds.
  • What do you still need clarification on from within your resource?
  • What was the most important part of the resource?
  • What was the significance of the information you learned?

Step 3: Have the original group of 4 return together. Each member has 2 minutes to summarize what their resource group has discussed. Students need to fill in the other three parts as group members shares. They can use the questions above as a guide for what they should share out.

Step 4: After each member had a chance to share their summary, together the groups need to answer:

  • What do the data tell you?
  • What was similar within resources? What was different?
  • What do you want to research more about this topic?