Stand-alone Lessons

The MY NASA DATA Team has recently adapted various MND lesson plans to aid teachers in providing a MND lesson to the whole class without requiring the use of a computer lab. For this category, the lesson has been modified to a presentation format in which screen shots of the Live Access Sever images are provided. Student worksheets have been added to follow along with a teacher-directed computer lesson, and lesson printouts are available.
ID Lesson Plans Grade Level Reviewed By Stand-alone Version
28 Solar Cell Energy Availability From Around the Country 8 – 12 ESE .pdf
H Hurricanes As Heat Engines 6 – 12 ESE .pdf

There are also some simple ways you can adapt MND lessons for your needs. If you, as a teacher, have access to a computer, you can visually walk the students through the lesson using your computer, where you would generate the required datasets in real-time, and the students perform the lesson based on your generated data and LAS images.

If you do not have Internet access, you can personally perform the lesson ahead of time, copying data outputs and LAS images, and providing your students with a printout or presentation of these images, highlighting the learning outcomes, procedure, and questions, and excluding the Internet steps.

The added benefits of these styles are: First, you have control over data-selection, visualization, and presentation; and, second, you can adapt the lesson to your needs, time, resources, and students.

Please visit the “Using MY NASA DATA in the Classroom” page for more information about how to use MY NASA DATA to assist you in your lesson planning.