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Vegetation refers to the plant life that can be found in a particular region. This term does not refer to any specific plant type, but to all the plants in a place or region. NDVI
Do leaves reflect light back into space?

Our Earth

The Earth is a complex system of interconnected processes that feed off of each other. More specifically it is the third planet from the sun that was formed appx 4.55 billion years ago, and now supports human, plant and animal life.
How do rivers impact the nutrient amounts in a bay?

Snow Cover

The amount of snow and ice cover detected on the surface of the Earth from satellite observations. A key challenge to this observation is the detection of clouds, which can look confusingly like snow or ice when viewed from space. Snow and Ice
Is the amount of ice in the arctic circle changing?

Sea Surface Temp

The temperature of the very top layer of water (or the effective temperature of a thicker layer that includes the top) of Earth’s oceans and other large bodies of water.Sea Surface Temp
Is it possible for the temperature in the Gulf of Mexico to affect the weather along the East coast?


Precipitation is considered water that falls from clouds to the ground. This can be in the form of rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. Precipitation
How much water is available in the atmosphere for precipitation?


Clouds are collections of water (in liquid or ice phase) in the atmosphere that are often classified by their shape and height. Cloud Coverage
Are there enough contrails in the sky to affect the temperature on the ground?

Carbon Monoxide

A clear odorless gas formed from the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels. Carbon monoxide is a short lived gas in the lower layer of the atmosphere. Carbon Monoxide
What is the result of population density on the amount of carbon monoxide?


Aerosols are small liquid or solid particles dispersed in the atmosphere. Large quantities are often regarded as pollutants in the form of haze and smoke. Aerosols
Are Hurricanes in the Atlantic and Aerosols related?