High School – Educators

Using MY NASA DATA in the High School Classroom:
The High school educator section offers visitors a wide variety of information directly related to the secondary students needs. With a collection of over fifty high school content driven lessons and activities, immersing your students in a journey through Earth System’s Science Data is right at your finger tips. All of the lesson plans are accessible by the students and can be used as a supplement to your current curriculum. If you are simply looking for a data visualizer to generate line plots, animations and even Google Earth overlay plots, look no further than the Live Access Server (LAS). With the LAS you are only limited by your imagination as to what the volumes of data can be used for. If you find that you are using the lesson plans we invite you to use them as is or to create your own lesson from the rich data resource that the Live Access Server (LAS) provides. If you create your own lesson, please consider sharing it with other educators through the online lesson link provided.

Feature Video:

This animated video shares a series of fascinating facts about how climate change affects oceans, land, the atmosphere and ice sheets around the world. With the help of an animated astronaut touring the Earth, the video explains how NASA’s Earth-observing satellite fleet enables scientists to gather accurate data and understand those changes