GLOBE Connections

Systems and Systems Models: Elementary GLOBE


This storybook follows the GLOBE Kids as they prepare to perform a play about the parts of the Earth system. However, the kids argue about which part is most important and should have the lead role in the play. Activities help students experiment with what plants need in terms of water, sunlight, and soil, explain how the Earth’s processes and components are interconnected, and demonstrate their knowledge of how water, air, soil, and living things interact in the Earth system.

BOOKCOVERWe’re All Connected Learning Activity:

  • One of the “big ideas” in Earth system science is the notion of interaction among parts of the Earth system. In the Elementary GLOBE book, All About Earth: Our World on Stage, the children in Ms. Patel’s class discuss instances of how the four major spheres of Earth’s system interact. They symbolize these interactions by using large arrows to link the system components: air, water, soil, living things and the sun. In this activity, students continue to explore the idea of interaction among Earth's components as they identify processes in the Earth system and indicate how they illustrate an interaction between two of the Earth system components.

Earth System in a Bottle:

  • In pairs, students will create experimental conditions in terrariums in order to study what plants need to live. Variables to study include the presence or absence of soil, water, and sunlight. Students will record the growth of radish plants as well as observations of “the water cycle” in their terrariums. At the conclusion of their experiments, students will share their results with the class and discuss how water, Earth materials, and air are all necessary to support living things.





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