GLOBE Connections

Sea Level Rise: GLOBE Overview


Hydrosphere: Water participates in many important natural chemical reactions and is a good solvent. Changing any part of the Earth system, such as the amount or type of vegetation in a region or from natural land cover to an impervious one, can affect the rest of the system. Rain and snow capture aerosols from the air. Acidic water slowly dissolves rocks, placing dissolved solids in water. Dissolved or suspended impurities determine water's chemical composition. Current measurement programs in many areas of the world cover only a few water bodies a few times during the year. GLOBE students provide valuable data to help fill these gaps and improve our understanding of Earth's natural waters.

Essential Questions:

  1. How might salinity be affected by sea level rise?

  2. How might a rise in sea level affect estuary and bay areas?

  3. How does outflow of freshwater from nearby rivers influence salinity at your site?

  4. Would you expect to find seasonal changes in salinity levels at your site?

  5. What changes in your watershed could have an effect on the pH reading at your water site?

Students Doing GLOBE





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