GLOBE Connections

Observing Plant Growth Patterns: Protocols and Data Sheets


Interested in collecting data about the featured phenomenon at your school? Visit this page to explore GLOBE protocols (data collection procedures) and student datasheets that support your students' investigations.

Green-up Protocol: Students will monitor the budburst and growth of leaves of selected trees, shrubs or grasses. Species chosen should be native, deciduous, and dominant in your area.Green Up Data Sheet

Green-down Protocol: Students will use a GLOBE Plant Color Guide to monitor the change in color of selected leaves of trees, shrubs or grasses, to help validate estimates of the end of the plant growing season.

Lilac Phenology: During the growing season, students will observe their lilac plants and identify the five phenophases (first leaf, full or 95% leafed, first bloom, full bloom and end of bloom) for each lilac plant.