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Flow of Energy and Matter - GLOBE Student Spotlight

GLOBE Student Connections

GLOBE provides many opportunities for students to explore the Earth System. The information on this page is a sampling of the work GLOBE students have done. 

Effect of temperature and humidity in the formation of clouds

This experiment measures the level of susceptibility to which temperature and relative humidity can affect the formation of clouds and the to explore the relationship between temperature and relative humidity.

We conducted this experiment at Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthayjiah Schools- Al Rayan from 29/01/2019 to 13/02/2019 where the descriptive / observation method was used. In this experiment, it was concluded that the relationship between relative humidity and temperature is inverse. The higher the temperature during the day, the more water vapor air is able to carry and therefore the relative humidity decreases. See the presentation here.

Pollution in Hail! Where is it going? Pollution in Hail

Within the context of global and local attention to the need to achieve environmental balance, Saudi Arabia has adopted strategies to encourage the consolidation of this concept in its various cities.
The research discusses the forms of environmental pollution in Hail region, which may make it lose its beauty, it's gorgeous nature and its natural characteristics. The research focuses on the importance of preserving the crucial issues such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil in where we grow our food and the natural habitats upon which millions depend on in their livelihoods. However, it Reflects the extent of damage and encourage us to exert the effort to adopt the immediate processing procedures
This research, which is titled "Pollution in Hail! Where is it going" came. The research problem focused on an important question as follow:
- How to reduce the problem of environmental pollution of all kinds in the Hail region until we reach sufficient self-awareness and increase the environmental awareness, and the seriousness of human misconduct on the environment, through the media, newspapers, blogs, marches and social media sites, and video clips showing how dangerous is the environmental pollution.

Oppressive Logging is a monster Threaten the environment

See the project linking logging to desertification and environmental and air pollution. 

The effect of the cutting of trees and gulls on decreasing the number of fungal organisms and raising the temperature

The following question was asked: What is the effect of cutting the Sumer and Ghaf trees on decreasing the number of fungal organisms and raising the temperature? In this research, we adopted the method of practical experimentation to detect this effect. The report is here.


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The loss of snow due to snow melt is a serious problem worldwide that progresses year after year and is attributed to the global warming generated by the pollution caused by climate change. In our area, it directly affects the availability of water in ecosystems and productive systems, increasing the risk of fires.
The warming causes the melting affect the poles and in the mountains causes the loss of the thickness and extension of glaciers. Excess water generates floods due to sea level rise; shortage of fresh water and droughts and fires in areas dependent on melting in summer.
To analyze the loss of glaciers in the Patagonia region, Argentina, two sites were compared using Landsat 5 and 8 images corresponding to the years 2005 and 2017. The Landsat 8 images were validated with samplings in the terrain using the GLOBE Protocols. The NDVI, NDWI and NDSI indices were calculated using the QGIS software.
Ice loss was detected in both sites, which can produce an increase in drought, due to lower availability of water, particularly in the summer (which is the dry season and the melting of the available water resource). See report here.