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El Niño: GLOBE Student Connections

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There are a variety of student activities and reports focused on El Niño, or ENSO. Some of them are highlighted below. 

Did the El Niño Event Impact Our Temperature and Precipitation in Nov., Dec., and Jan.? 

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We noticed that we were having warm weather around Halloween, and we wondered why the weather seemed to change. We learned about a weather event called the "El Niño" that might change our weather this winter. We decided we could collect our own temperature and precipitation data using GLOBE protocols, and supplement that data with data for the closest airport to us that the National Weather Service collects. For the months of November, December, and January, we collected data, and in February we worked on analyzing the data, writing our research report, and communicating our findings to each other. We are planning to have a school-wide assembly and have invited Jason Samenow, a local meteorologist, to come speak and hear the results of our research. He said he would come! Access the full report at the link.

Shumate Middle School - El Niño Data Comparison Project Data Literacy Cube Data Icon Data Literacy Cube Graph Icon  Data Literacy Cube Map Icon

Many people in Michigan believe that the El Niño period will generally result in a warmer winter. Does this phenomenon yield a warmer Michigan winter? To find out we are going to compare data collected during an El Niño period and a Non - El Niño period. Access the full report at the link.

Learning about the El Niño with 3rd and 4th grade students Data Literacy Cube Data Icon Data Literacy Cube Graph Icon Data Literacy Cube Map Icon

I have had the pleasure of working with two groups of elementary school students this year as their GLOBE mentor. They attend Cedar Grove Elementary School in Clarksburg, MD. My primary goal was to install an instrument box with a rain gauge and a multi-day thermometer at their school, and to help them collect and report data to GLOBE. Read more at the link.

An Analysis of the Impact of the El Niño on Four Locations

One of the important aspects of a scientist's job is to look at the data that was collected and try to make sense of it in order to better understand natural phenomena. With the ENSO Student Research Campaign, we have a unique opportunity to analyze data and use the analysis to help us better understand the impact of the ENSO cycles on weather and climate in locations all around the world. Read the full blog post at the link.

The effect of climate change on dengue cases in Muang Nakhon Si Thammarat Data Literacy Cube Data Icon Data Literacy Cube Graph Icon

This high school report investigated climatic change in El Niño, Normal and La Niña group affecting dengue cases and house index in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Read the full report at the link.