GLOBE Connections

El Niño: GLOBE Protocols and Data Sheets


Interested in collecting data about the featured phenomenon at your school? Explore the GLOBE protocols (data collection procedures) and student datasheets below that support your students' investigations. These protocols can be used to collect many types of data to examine the effects of a hurricane. Datasheets are provided to guide students in the collection of data. Once data have been collected, students have the opportunity to enter their data on the GLOBE website so that they can be shared with others within the GLOBE community. This allows for a variety of research to be conducted comparing data from different locations around the world. As scientists continue to research the impacts of hurricanes, they can use these GLOBE data.


The following protocols were used during at least one of the phases of the recent phases of the GLOBE ENSO Campaign. 

  1. Atmosphere Protocols
  2. Biosphere Protocol
  3. Pedosphere Protocols
  4. Hydrosphere Protocols