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Deforestation: GLOBE Overview

Logging in Oregon

The biosphere is divided into natural and developed areas. The natural areas include many different natural habitats: deserts, forests, water bodies and the like. All living things - including humans - depend on their habitat or land cover for survival. Land cover provides shelter, food, and protection. Land cover also has a direct effect on the kinds of animals that will inhabit an area. Loss of habitats, such as that caused by deforestation, will have impacts on the species that live in the area and the ability of the area to provide resources for humans and other species.

  1. What species live in different types of forests?
  2. Is there a relationship between weather and forests?
  3. Does deforestation affect the soil in an area?
  4. Does deforestation affect the green-up in an area?
  5. Does deforestation impact cloud formation in an area?
  6. Does deforestation impact water quality in an area?