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Changing Air Temperatures: GLOBE Student Projects Spotlight

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Check out the featured GLOBE student projects related to changing air temperature. 

K-2 GLOBE project in featured image, "How Hot is It?", submitted from the Jr. Scientists at Jackman Road Elementary as part of the Urban Heat Island Student Research Campaign in Fall 2017. Jackson Road ES, in Silver Spring, MD, is one of 69 schools who entered 1323 observations into the GLOBE database for their surface temperature research. Their data are combined with those of others to allow other students to create interesting research projects, as well as providing a database for scientists and college students to conduct research. Schools all over the world collected surface temperature observations to contribute to the campaign.

Purpose: We want to find out if different types of surfaces have different surface temperatures. 

Hypothesis: We think the concrete will be a high surface temperature. 

Conclusion: We found that mulch has a hotter surface temperature than the concrete or grass.

High School Project from The Netherlands...

Project: Urban Heat Island Effect (Grades 9-12)How Hot Is It

Description: The urban area in the west part of the Netherlands is called 'De Randstad'. What is the effect of climate change on the temperature in cities and is there a difference between rural and urban areas?

Scala College Research Report


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