GLOBE Connections

Changing Air Temperatures: GLOBE Overview


Atmospheric conditions have a significant impact on the types of plants and animals that live in a particular area. As temperatures begin to change both plants and animals will be affected. The atmospheric measurements collected by GLOBE students are important to scientists studying weather, climate, land cover, phenology, ecology, biology, hydrology, and soil.

Changing Air Temperatures: Phenomena

Essential Questions:

  1. Is Earth getting warmer as some scientists have predicted?

  2. Is the average temperature at your school changing?

  3. How does the depth of freezing affect vegetation phenology in a particular region?

  4. How does vegetation in your area respond to changing temperatures?

  5. Is your local environment affected more by average temperature or temperature extremes?

  6. What is the relationship between air temperature and surface temperature?

  7. How does the surface temperature of different land covers differ?

  8. How does surface temperature vary with surface color?



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