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Changes in Snow and Ice Extent: GLOBE Student Projects Spotlight

Students doing GLOBE Outside in the cold

Project: How Does Lake Erie ice cover affect our snowfall in the winter?

Main Street Intermediate School

Grades 3-5

Conclusion: Snowy winters mean more snow days for fifth graders at Main Street School. For the second year in a row, we have had very little snowfall to measure when doing our GLOBE protocols. We wanted to know how ice cover on Lake Erie affects our winter snowfall. We hypothesized that less ice on Lake Erie would cause more evaporation and more snowfall. We looked carefully at climate data for the winter months during 1972-2013 and Lake Erie ice cover data. We concluded that our temperatures stay colder throughout the winter and we get more snow when there is more ice on the lake. Lake Erie does not affect how much snow we get in our town. The moisture must come from somewhere else.

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