GLOBE Connections

Changes in Snow and Ice Extent: GLOBE Overview


Scientists are currently using data associated with a change in the extent of ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice, and snow on ice and land to explore the effects of global climate change and the various factors that are affecting these changes.

Essential Questions:Students in the cold doing cryosphere

  1. How will frost depth differ in different regions across the globe?

  2. What would cause the timing and depth of freezing in soils to change from one year to another?

  3. How does the depth of freezing affect vegetation phenology in a particular region?

  4. Is there any relationship between the freezing of the ground and freshwater ice seasonality?

  5. What are other parts of the ecosystem affected by the timing and depth of soil freezing?

  6. What factors are affecting frost depth and the extent of snow/ice in the polar areas?



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