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Changes in Land Surface/Land Use Change: GLOBE Student Spotlight

Effect of Land Use on Water Quality

Need inspiration for how to engage students in meaningful projects centered on this featured phenomenon?  Check out these GLOBE students' presentations/projects focused on the changes in land surface/land us change.

The Effect of Land Use on Water Quality Data Literacy Cube Graph Icon

This study was prompted by questioning the water quality of the local streams and whether or not they were contributing harmful water to the Chesapeake Bay. Land use was also evaluated to determine if questionable water quality levels were the result of runoff and/or industry pollution. It is important for all streams within the Chesapeake Bay watershed to be monitored and work towards contributing clean water to the Bay to help save the Bay and all its resources.

Changes in land use and land cover in Medimurje between 2000. and 2014. using LANDSAT satellite images 

As high school students who actively take part in all GLOBE activities we do a research every year. This year we decided to dig into remote sensing and GIS analysis. The first hypothesis was that only the construction class will rise over 14 years and that the others will remain the same or change slightly. The end results showed us that Međimurje has always been an agricultural region with over 50% land cover with agricultural class. As we assumed, only the class of construction rose over the years and the others remained the same. 

Project Image

What a Dedicated Student Can Do 

To classify how land is used, GLOBE scientists, educators and students use an adaptation of the international system called the Modified UNESCO Classification or "MUC" system. GLOBE schools that conduct land cover protocols usually evaluate a 15 km. X 15 km. site using the MUC system. 

Haley plans to MUC seventy-five areas, comparing his observations with his GLOBE-provided satellite images. Such ground observations are expected to be more accurate than the satellite image. "The more I can get the more accurately I can calibrate the map," Haley said.

Dedicated Student