Energy Budget Lessons

ES.13: The student will investigate and understand that energy transfer between the sun and the Earth and its atmosphere drives weather and climate on Earth.

Creating Climographs
6 – 8 To use NASA satellite data to compare surface temperature and precipitation of different islands in the Pacific Ocean Climactic diagram showing temperture and preciptation over Guam
Earth’s Energy Budget – Seasonal Cycles in Net Radiative Flux
6,9 – 12 To use CERES radiation data to understand seasonal variations in the pattern of net energy input to the Earth system. Net Radiation image
State of the Atmosphere: Interpreting Weather Observations
7 To teach students about air temperature, dew point temperature and humidity by graphing weather balloon data in Excel Graph of cloud cover
Using MY NASA DATA to Determine Volcanic Activity
8-12 To use NASA satellite data of optical depth as a tool to determine volcanic activity on Reunion Island during 2000-2001 Piton de la Fournaise