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picture of a satellite

Satellites Above – A WebQuest designed for children in grades 3-5 using MY NASA DATA.

WebQuest – Create your own NASA Satellite book!

You have been selected by the Random House National Publication Company to assist NASA in the publication of a children’s book about satellites. Your design and content should be developed for teachers or parents to use with an audience of students in K-2nd grade. You may chose to accept this assignment on your own or you may want to work within a design team to complete the task. Click here to accept this WebQuest!

Think Scientifically Elementary School Science Literacy Program

The Day Joshua Jumped Too MuchThink Scientifically is a three-book series for elementary school teachers that integrates math, science and reading instruction. Each storybook focuses on a key science theme and includes a hands-on science lesson, math and language arts activities, and other educational resources that can be easily utilized in the classroom. The books are based on national standards and were written by teachers.

With increasing pressure on schools to focus on math and reading, science often gets left behind. The Think Scientifically book series provides teachers with a way to easily incorporate all three subjects!